An image of Major Neel aka The Skin Doctor


Hi, I'm Neel. You likely know me as 'The Skin Doctor' on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

You may probably wonder every so often who The Skin Doctor is. So here is a little brief about me. I belong to Meerut (UP) but didn't stay there as my father was in the Indian Army and kept changing places as per postings. I was born in Nashik, Maharashtra where my father was posted at that time, and then did my schooling from various KVs (Gwalior, Nashik, Sagar, Kathua).

I'm an MBBS MD (Dermatology) from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Yes, I'm a real doctor and not a bad one either. I was a Gold medalist in my subject (not flexing, I swear). I've served ten years in the Indian Army and retired as a Major. I had no interest in politics, social issues, religion, blah blah till mid-2016 when I completed my MD. I was using only Facebook and used to post only personal pictures.

Facebook discussions/posts were turning political slowly, and like many of us, I too got dragged into it. Science and history were my strong points already. I started observing, reading and understanding political, social, and religious issues. I slowly realized the existence of cultural Marxism and its massive impact on all of us.

So, I started writing my opinion, observations, and facts which my friends liked, shared, and rest you know. My aim is not to enforce my opinions on anyone because I trust individuals' analytical skills. I believe that facts with credible sources and logical explanations should be provided to the public, and interpretation should be just to the judgment of people. Have a great day.